Customer Service

Support contact

Enterprise customers are users who have bought an Enterprise version of an AlineaSol module. Note that Enterprise modules run also on CRM community editions, and, where applicable, also on Professional versions. Enterprise customers get with the purchase of each Enterprise module 1 hour Support. Additional support packages can be purchased by both Enterprise and Community customers.

Customers with a valid support contract, can send their requests to:

We provide 8x5 support (Spanish working days). If you are interested in 24x7 support, you can contact us at Note that we associate a minimum of 15 minutes per support request.

For customers without a valid suport contract, we will be introducing shortly a forum section so that users can share their experiences and questions.


Licensing terms

Community modules have standard AGPL 3 licenses.

For Enterprise versions please see our licensing scheme under the Support menu. In general terms, when you buy an enterprise module, you get two licenses, one for production and one for a test environment. You can use the module without time restriction, but you will only get upgrades while you have an active contract for that module. The initial purchase will give you 12 months right for new upgrades, as well as 1 hour support. You can buy an extension after this initial purchase at a discount.




Orders are perfomed online. If you need a special development, please contact us directly through the support email or at


Payment & Pricing

All pricing info is online. Payment can be done through credit card and, for lower amounts, paypal.


Viewing Orders

You can access order information through your Portal account. You can see there


Updating Account Information

Your account data is available online. After logging in, you can also reassign licenses from one system to another (if required). E.g., if you are changing hosting of your production system.