AlineaSol Reports 5.6.0 just released


It has been some time since our last blog, and there is much to share. Let´s start with Reports. We just released an important version that includes various goodies and also a number of bug-fixes.


As we are advancing with our “Forms&Views” module (we plan to have a production ready probably in May already), we have been enhancing AlineaSol Reports to fit in the “Forms&Views” philosophy.


Basic and Advanced Filters


The first change is that you can define in a report “Basic” and “Advanced” filters, very much in line with Basic and Enhanced Search functionality in the standard Sugar Forms.

Go into Edit mode of a report, add some filters, that should have behavior “visible” or “User Input” and click on the new “table icon” to the right of the “Filters” header.



You will see the new option to define a basic and advanced “Search”.



Here you can select the number of columns that you want to show. Click on the “plus” sign to add rows and start dragging and dropping filters from the top panel into the box where you want to place them. And the same for the Advanced Search.



Although also a very popular Dutch soccer team, we are introducing ajax for a more graceful user experience. You will notice this specially in the list view. Paging and searches are much more fluid…and quick!


Append to target lists

For the users of target lists, we have now added the “append” mode. You can now add entries to a target list without performing an overwrite.



Numeric Stand-out presentation

You can now not only change the colour of the text and background, but also of the whole row. Just imagine you have an entry with a status “deactive”. You may want to grey-out the whole row…and you can!! J





We have changed the default library to generate PDF to phantomJS (if configured) for best performance. This is a "config_override feature". The result is 3x faster (yes, 300%) generation of PDFs and support for much bigger pdf files (you should not see so quickly those time-outs that appeared before!)


And more...

There are many more new smaller enhancements, but you will probably specialy like that for scheduled reports you can now keep the expiration date open (endless tasks). That one is a historical!!

The community edition has also received a more Enterprise look&feel (tab nagivation).

Finally, we have received some feedback and started work to make Reports PHP 7 compatible. We have now a few customers using it without known issues…


Check out the release notes in the documentation section for all news.


And the bugfixes!


AlineaSolReports v5.6.0 Enterprise:

- BugFix: corrected issues when self-referencing fields at SQL subqueries feature.

- BugFix: issues with duplicated field's & filter's references at report's edition.

- BugFix: If zip file is generated (due to specific config_override functionallity) when exporting a report, zip filename does not take into account filename configured at report level (if any).

- BugFix: subchart's defined colors are not displayed if main chart has no custom colors defined.

- BugFix: issues with references contextual menus alignment (displayed in report filters parameters).

- BugFix: issue with preview SQL and timezone offsets management.

- BugFix: external table fields are displayed in alphabetical order.


AlineaSolReports v5.6.0 Community:

- BugFix: no available x-axis values at charts defintion for some grouped/detailed values.

- BugFix: issue with not applicable filters with parentheses (wrong query may be generated).

- BugFix: Wrong where clause is generated on "date" fields with "between" filtering.

- Bugfix: Wrong values for numeric types at excel exported reports.

- BugFix: wrong SQL JOIN clauses generated when alternative relationships management feature is enabled.

- BugFix: 'eregi_replace' function was removed from PHP 7, 'preg_replace' used instead.