After pressing requests, finally its here! And we put even some additional cream on top of it: schedule export report output directly to a target list.


But first, what are the highlight of 5.5.0?


  • AlineaSol licensing enabled! See our other blog-entry about this.
  • Support for scheduled TargetList reports


AlineaSolReports v5.5.0 Enterprise:

- BugFix: Error with meta-report's "pushFilters" & modules built with moduleBuilder.

AlineaSolReports v5.5.0 Community:

- AlineaSol licensing enabled!

- BugFix: Relationships does not work properly in Sugar7.7 Professional.

- BugFix: Error when searching by single quote in user input filter: query breaks.

- BugFix: Error when auto-refreshing report's dashlets.

- BugFix: Error with related fields of type tinyint(1) and its associated filters (boolean filter does not apply).

- BugFix: email addresses with subdomain are not validated when trying to save them.

- BugFix: "only charts" reports must not have pagination buttons.

- BugFix: exported fields containing html tags, must display internal value for any file format except Html.


Exporting to target list


Please see below for the report configuration. Note that the report type must be "scheduled", even if you don´t define a recurring time.


Click on the configuration wheel to predefine the target list.



When you execute the report, you can manually select to send the data to the target list. If you have programmed the activity, it will happen automatically. You can then for example create a target list that can then be processed daily by AlineaSol WFM (happy birthday congrats?)