Although it took considerably longer that desired, finally we have the portal up and running.

 As with so many things in life, this is a first phase to be followed-up with improvements and extensions. We focussed in this first release on getting the basics done, admittedly with considerable work to be done on improving the look&feel. But let´s focus on the good things. What does the portal offer you? Well, to start with, we have a blog! So we will be publishing here information about new releases, tricks, roadmaps, etc. This is an important step to improve communication with our users.

You can now officially login into our demo site and check out (most) of our modules (for some modules and facilities you would need administration rights, which is complicated to manage for demos…). It runs now on a fast server with fast internet access, so the ones that already checked out our “hidden” demos, you will appreciate the change.

For community users, you can find the latest releases of our modules in the community section. We will think about offering the possibility of automatic subscription so that you will be automatically notified when a there is something new, but its not there yet…

Another major enhancement is that people can now buy online our Enterprise modules and support packages. No need to send us emails and follow a manual process. This is supported now for credit cards. Bank transfers will still be managed manually. Let´s see how this goes and we will improve if necessary.

Overall, we are trying to build a foundation to improve communication with our users. Hope you will notice, and enjoy!

Still a way to go, but we wanted to get things rolling!!!