Along with the AlineaSol portal, we are introducing a new licensing system. From a rights perspective nothing changes. However, we will keep track now of modules that are active “in the cloud”.



Why do we do this?

To start with, we would like to have a better idea of how much our modules are being used and in what countries. Let´s call it developers satisfaction feedback program.

Also, this will be the basis to provide you better support in the future. We are thinking about introducing, through this set-up, the possibility to send us (on your explicit request) the validation data that our modules produce so that we can easier suggest solutions to  issues that may appear.

How does this impact you?

For community users, this will be fully transparent. For enterprise users, there is more impact. Enterprise users will have now access to their licenses through the AlineaSol portal. Once they buy an enterprise license, a key will be made available through the portal. This key needs to be filled-in, along with the registered email, as part of the module activation process. All enterprise users will have the right to use the modules in two systems: one for production and one for test. Through the portal you can deactivate systems to switch licenses from one system to another.

Current enterprise customers will be contacted directly. We will explain to you the process to follow to start using the new scheme.