Just in case you were wondering what new things to try out during the Christmas break: AlineaSol Forms (Beta!) is released.

You can download it from the "Community" area.

Since our last blog entry about AlineaSol Forms we have added various new features and the to-do list is considerably smaller.


Main features:


  • Datasource: 
    • Free (No specific source)
    • Database
      • Directly from a Sugar Module)
      • External DB (Enterprise edition)
    • Report
    • Global variables, with WorkflowManager Enterprise
  • Multi-Panel support: For each individual panel, you can)
    • Define a title
    • The number of columns to display (from 0 to 4)
    • What roles can the form see.
    • Specific visibility rules (e.g. Only show thid field if a parameter has a certain value)
    • Add new rows
    • Delete panel
  • Access to AlineaSol Form:
    • Add form as a main menu entry
    • Add form as a panel whithin your existing (Studio) views!
    • Include in a dashlet.
  • Other features:
    • Overwrite initial values of fields.
    • Client and server validation rules.
    • Event support: on_init, before_submit and after_submit .
    • Form-Report button (to show a new Form or Report)

Features to be included in the future:

  • New format support
    • Password
    • Multienum
    • Dependent enum
    • Javascript button
  • Definable CSS for each form
  • Integration with planned AlineaSol Views