At AlineaSol we have quite a number of customers that are using our applications in contact center environments. We have started a some time ago an internal R&D project to look for the best technology that would work well with our support CRM environments. Our intention is to provide a fully integrated Form/Voice/SMS/Email/Chat contact center environment. You will be seeing additional modules in the near future.

So, why our own chat module? We started to analyse what was available in the market, but we did not find the right fit. We wanted a package that:

  • would integrate well with our supported CRMs, without the need to install a new environment
  • fine performance (AKA “good-enough”)
  • flexibility to incorporate into an integrated call-center solution

As you will conclude by now, we did not find it.

So, in the first release (community only), we have included support for both internal chat and external Chats (i.e.chats initiated from company portals, not from within the CRM domain). As you can read in the user manual, you can chat-enable a user just by adding a “chat-specific” rol.





What next?

We plan to add quite some new features to our Chat-center application. Just to mention a view:

  • Associate external user with client
  • Save chat-conversation under client
  • Group posting