Documentation for AlineaSol WorkFlow Manager




AlineaSol WFM 5.15.0 user guideDescribes install, upgrade and how to work with AlineaSol Workflow Manager
AlineaSol WFM release notesDescribes the changes, added features and bugfixes between versions
AlineaSol WFM readmeContains notes to read before beggining with WorkFlow Manager
AlineaSol WFM config overrides fileThis file allows you to perform configuration overrides for WorkFlow Manager
AlineaSol WFM TroubleshootingConstains information for troubleshooting issues with AlineaSol WorkFlow Manager
AlineaSol WFM Manual uninstallContains information and instructions to manually uninstall AlineaSol Workflow Manager




Sugar CRM 6.4.1: FIX: Module selfReferencing bug version 6Download
Sugar CRM 6.5.x: FIX: Module selfReferencing bug version 4Download
Sugar CRM 7.5: FIX: Module selfReferencing bug version 1Download



Example for AlineaSol WFM 5.2Example for sending an email when account is created for AlineaSol Workflow Manager
CalendarEvents DispatcherExample showing how to integrate CalendarEvents with AlineaSol Workflow Manager
Example for AlineaSol WFM 5.2Get users and send them an emal 10 minutes before CalendarEvents start.