About AlineaSol

"We believe in our solutions. We believe in sharing risks."





Alinea Software Solutions (AlineaSol) was founded in 2000 by a group of friends with ample experience in multinational companies in the telecommunications industry.

From the beginning the company has focused in improving quality, flexibility and creativity in software solutions for medium and large enterprises, always bearing in mind the quality requirements in the telecommunications sector..

AlineaSol is formed by a stable, growing group of enthusiastic telecom and computer science engineers




The company has presence in the spanish cities Madrid and Pontevedra. In this last one, a coastal town with a long history of international commerce, the development team is located.

From here, deployments around the globe are being served including, in the telco sector: Colombia, Chile, Costa Rica, and Spain. For our enterprise solutions we have customers in a long range of countries including USA, Russia, Italy, Germany, Singapore, Korea, ...